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We live in a world where increase in pollution has a direct correlation to population growth. The harsh reality now is that we are facing surmountable level of pollution into the environment and it is imperative that special treatment and care needs to be taken in order to safeguard our health and livelihood.

It is impossible for any one person to provide a solution that addresses all forms of pollution, but it is important for everyone to play a part, of which Enviocarb is committed in doing so.


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Who are we?

EnvioCarb was set up in 2009 with its main business in distribution of coconut base and palm kernel shell base activated carbon and activated carbon products under the brand name of “Enviocarb”. With the growing need for good waste management, EnvioCarb expanded its focus into the Waste Packing Technology that will improve social and environmental well being of Australians.

Enviocarb Pty Ltd now offers a solution that will:

  • Treat the already polluted or contaminated resources- water and air,
  • Reduce pollution and contamination to the environment by addressing the by-product of our daily refuse - waste management.




EnvioCarb is a Coconut Shell Activated Carbon that serves as a catalyst in water or air contamination. Purifie™ is 100% safe, organic, portable, odourless, non-toxic, tested and dedicated to performance and dramatically improves the air quality at home or office as well as other indoors. Powerpack offers a unique spectrum of co-ordinated machines from the know how in the most varying types of problems in the packing of raw materials, reusable materials and waste substances.