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About Us

Who Are We?

The whole philosophy about Purifie® is about improving lives. Purifie® values what is good and better for people, communities and nature. Purifie® is here to meet everyday needs, hygiene and personal care to help people feel good, feel safe and get more out of life.
We realise innovation and portfolio expansion is key to our progress, and through research and development, creativity and partnerships we’re constantly enhancing our brand, improving their natural properties, design, fragrance, or functionality. We are dedicated to providing you with the best in service, trusted product, sound knowledge and advice.

Our mission is to become a household brand in many parts of the world and making a difference in lifes of each individual.

Purifie® has been awarded Super Excellent Brand for 2010.

Corporate Values

We aim to make a positive impact in the lives of our customers, suppliers and the environment through our quality products, channel relationships, as well as through social responsibilities.

We strive to offer the perfect blend of performance-oriented professionalism and teamwork. At Enviocarb, we believe that this approach is key to helping our company achieve healthy and successful long-term growth, along with an authentic awareness of values and superior performance.

Our corporate culture is rooted in seven core values: entrepreneurial spirit, integrity, teamwork, creativity, responsibility, enthusiasm and perserverence. These values shape our quest to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers, suppliers and business partners, day in and day out.

There’s only one way to reach this ultimate goal – together, with talented employees, strong and stable partnerships, and visionary management. Our corporate guidelines focus on the long term and sustainability of the business for mutual success. Purifie® Odour Absorber was first developed in 2009 under a joint efforts between EnvioCarb (Australia) and Trinitas International Pte Ltd (Singapore). Both companies has a combined 15 years experience in the manufacturing and sale of water and air catalysts to industries for the purpose of filtration and filtrating equipments.